Web Redesign

We Offer Innovative Solutions

Do you have a web site that's getting few visitors, or have never made a sale from? We can rework the content and make it into something you'll be proud to promote.

We can create a web site which captures the essence or personality of your business. We make each web site a personal statement. Let us know if you have a deadline you need your site up by. If you've gotten into a major show or have a new promotion coming up. We work well under pressure and can arrange our schedule to meet your deadline.


We can provide a detailed, written evaluation of your web site. Each page will be evaluated, giving you recommendations for increasing traffic and sales. If you hire us for the re-design, the evaluation will be at no charge.

Responsive Design

With mobile device usage on the Internet now surpassing desktop users, it is more important than ever to optimize your website for all devices, in order to attract the largest number of visitors possible. If your site makes it hard for your visitors to browse or checkout on your website on their mobile devices, then you will be losing potential customers.

Responsive design means your website is built to ensure it's content and structure scale well on all devices, providing a better user experience. Taking a responsive approach to your redesign also has long term benefits, as it negates the need for a separate mobile site, and makes managing content quicker and easier. This will give your redesign a much longer shelf life, thus reducing costs for you.


We offer various promotional packages that are tailored to your requirements. We can submit your web site to the top search engines on a monthly basis, providing you with a detailed written report of your standings and what needs to be done for improvement. 

Re-Design Costs

Ask for a quote. We can normally give you a redesign at a lower price point than what our initial design rates are.





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